• SuperHandy Electric Trailer Dolly - 2800 lbs. Towing Capacity, Self-Propelled, 24V 7Ah AGM Battery System

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    Elevate your RV/trailer transportation experience with our advanced design Electric Dolly. Built for precision, efficiency, and safety, this dolly ensures smooth operations and reliable performance.

    Key Features:

    • Sturdy Build: Constructed with a robust steel frame for enduring durability.
    • Maneuverability: Fitted with easy-to-move wheels and an additional castor wheel, guaranteeing hassle-free trailer movement.
    • Versatile Attachment: Comes with an adjustable ball attachment mechanism, ensuring compatibility with varied trailers.
    • Efficiency: Can effortlessly transport trailers weighing up to 2800lbs.
    • Power System: Powered by (2) 12V 7AH batteries, ensuring prolonged usage. Also includes a charger suitable for a wide range of voltage inputs.


    • Internal Batteries: 24V (2 – 12V 7Ah) AGM
    • Electric Motor: 500W
    • Ball Mount: 2”
    • Adjustable Ball Height
    • Assembled Dimensions: Approx. 42” x 24” x 40” (L x W x H inches)
    • Item Weight: 101 lbs.
    • Max Trailer Capacity: 2800 lbs.
    • Max Tongue Weight: 450 lbs.

    User-Friendly Features:

    • Speed Control: The thumb throttle lever assures precise speed adjustments.
    • Directional Flexibility: Equipped with a reverse/drive switch for easy directional changes.

    Safety Measures:

    • Protection Gear: Ensure you wear hand and eye protection during operation.
    • Moisture-Free: Maintain the dolly's electrical components dry, avoiding exposure to moisture, condensation, or rain.
    • Overload Protector: Built-in feature that shuts down the unit during electrical overloading, safeguarding both the machine and the user.
    • Usage Limitation: Designed for a MAX OPERABLE SLOPE of 4° degrees. Refrain from using on inclines or declines exceeding this limit for safe operations.


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