• PowerKing 14HP Stump Grinder

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    The Power King PK0803 Stump Grinder is designed for efficient and reliable stump removal. With its array of features and accessories, this machine caters to both professionals and homeowners, offering a streamlined stump removal experience.

    Main Features:

    • 14HP Kohler Engine: The robust 14HP Kohler engine, renowned for its commercial-grade reliability, provides the powerhouse for efficient stump removal.

    • GreenTeeth 500 Series LoPro Compatibility: This allows users to tap into the capabilities of the GreenTeeth 500 Series LoPro cutting system, ensuring effective grinding results.

    • Adjustable Bow Handle: Designed for ergonomic comfort, this feature facilitates better control during operations and compact storage.

    • Precision Control Brake: Optimizes maneuverability, enabling precise pivoting during the grinding process.

    • 9 Carbide Tip Grinding Teeth: Efficiently designed to reduce stump removal time, ensuring a smoother operation.

    • Centrifugal Clutch: Enhances the machine's start-up experience and ensures the safe release of the front stand.

    Additional Specifications:

    • Dual V-Belts: Ensure smooth and effective power transfer from the engine to the grinding wheel.

    • Large Transport Wheels: Crafted for rugged terrains, these wheels provide enhanced mobility.

    • Safety Mechanisms: Equipped with a locking throttle control, emergency stop button, and emergency pull, prioritizing user safety during operations.

    • Protective Add-ons: Includes debris guards for user protection and a front stand to shield the grinding teeth from potential damage.

    Included Accessories:

    • Tow Bar: Simplifies the transportation process.

    • Extra Teeth: Provides a handy backup set for prolonged use.

    • All-Weather Cover: Valued at $52, this cover safeguards the machine from environmental factors, promoting durability.


    • Performance: With its powerful engine and sharp grinding teeth, the grinder offers quick and efficient stump removal.

    • Adaptability: Its compatibility with the GreenTeeth 500 Series LoPro allows for diverse grinding methods.

    • User Convenience: Features like the adjustable handle and centrifugal clutch enhance the user experience.

    • Safety First: Integrated safety features ensure risk-free operations.

    • Comprehensive Package: The addition of valuable accessories bolsters the machine's appeal, offering more for the investment.

    In essence, the Power King PK0803 Stump Grinder is a complete solution tailored for diverse stump removal needs. It combines power, functionality, safety, and added benefits, making it an ideal choice for both professional landscaping tasks and residential yard work.

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