• PowerKing 4-Inch Chipper Shredder

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    Introducing the Power King 4" Chipper Shredder, a versatile and efficient solution for transforming your garden waste into valuable mulch. With its powerful engine, robust blades, and protective cover, this unit stands out as a reliable tool for both professional landscapers and homeowners.

    Main Features:

    • 9.5 HP Kohler Engine: This chipper is driven by a 9.5Hp Kohler Commercial Command Pro engine, ensuring consistent and efficient performance.

    • Steel Blades: The machine comes equipped with two double-sided steel blades that rotate at 2530rpm. Users have the flexibility to easily remove, reverse, or sharpen these blades as needed.

    • 4-inch Capacity: With the capability to shred trees up to 4 inches in diameter, this unit can handle a wide range of garden waste. The end result is finely granulated mulch.

    • Feed Chute and Omni-Direction Spout: The broad feed chute ensures easy input of garden waste, while the omni-direction spout provides users with precise control over mulch dispersion.

    • Compact Design: The chipper’s design is optimized for easy maneuverability, allowing it to fit through standard residential gates.

    Enhancements and Accessories:

    • Extended Wheel Base (Optional): For users who prioritize safety and stability, an extended wheelbase option is available.

    • All-Weather Cover: To shield the unit from environmental factors such as rain, dust, and sunlight, an all-weather cover is provided at no extra cost – a $59 value.

    • Extra Blades: For prolonged usage and minimal downtime, an additional set of blades is included with the chipper.

    Benefits and Warranty:

    • Durability and Performance: Constructed with quality materials and powered by a reliable engine, this chipper promises longevity and consistent performance.

    • Safety and Stability: With the optional extended wheelbase, users can enjoy increased stability during operations.

    • Warranty: The chipper comes with a 3-year limited engine warranty and a 1-year warranty on Power King chassis parts.

    In conclusion, the Power King 4" Chipper Shredder offers a comprehensive solution for garden waste management. Whether you're a professional landscaper in need of a reliable tool or a homeowner looking to keep your garden clean and recycle waste efficiently, this chipper is designed to meet your needs.

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