• Lumber Jack 10 Ton Manual Log Splitter

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    Introducing the "Lumber Jack" 10-Ton Manual Log Splitter – the perfect tool for conquering your log splitting tasks with ease! Whether you're a seasoned lumberjack or a weekend warrior, this manual log splitter is designed to make your woodcutting experience smooth and efficient. Get ready to split logs effortlessly and enjoy the satisfaction of creating your firewood stack with the "Lumber Jack" 10-Ton Manual Log Splitter.

    Key Features:

    • 10 Tons of Splitting Force: This log splitter generates an impressive 10 tons of splitting force, making light work of even the toughest logs. Say goodbye to exhausting manual splitting methods and hello to a powerful log splitter that gets the job done.

    • Accepts Logs up to 18" Long and 8" Diameter: With a generous capacity, the "Lumber Jack" log splitter accepts logs up to 18 inches in length and 8 inches in diameter. It's suitable for most firewood sizes commonly used in households and outdoor adventures.

    • Cradle Secures Logs in Place: The integrated cradle design ensures that logs stay securely positioned during splitting. This safety feature not only protects you but also enhances efficiency, so you can split logs without worries.

    • Extra Long Handles for Maximum Leverage: To provide you with optimal power and control, the "Lumber Jack" log splitter is equipped with extra-long handles. These handles give you the leverage needed to split logs with minimal effort, reducing strain on your back and arms.

    • Compact Size for Easy Storage: We understand the value of storage space, which is why the "Lumber Jack" log splitter is designed to be compact. When not in use, it easily fits into your shed or garage, allowing you to save space for other tools and equipment.

    • Maneuver with Ease: The log splitter comes with wheels, making it convenient to move around your property. These wheels allow for easy maneuvering, so you can position the log splitter wherever you need it without any hassle.

    Why Choose "Lumber Jack"? At "Lumber Jack," we are committed to providing top-quality log splitters that offer both durability and user-friendliness. Our 10-Ton Manual Log Splitter is built to withstand regular use and provides the power needed to tackle any log splitting task. Embrace the efficiency and ease of manual log splitting with the "Lumber Jack" 10-Ton Manual Log Splitter and make your woodcutting tasks a breeze!

    Product Specifications





    Splitting Force:

    10 Ton

    Beam Structure:


    Max Log Diameter:

    8’’ (203mm)

    Max Log Length:

    15-1/2’’ (394mm)



    Packaging Size:




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