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    Swisher ESP Safety Shelter 14-Person Tornado Shelter

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    ESP Safety Shelters: Ultimate Multi-Purpose Protection

    • Above-ground safety shelters designed for emergency, security, and preparedness, ensuring safety for you and your loved ones against various threats.
    • Proudly made in the USA, ESP Safety Shelters are built to withstand the most extreme tornado activity and provide a secure zone against home invasion.

    Installation Options:

    • It is preferable to install the shelter within the interior of a residence for maximum protection.
    • Outdoor installation is allowed but must be within 150 feet of the intended residence and protected from all external weather conditions.
    • Important note: The shelter is not waterproof.

    Proven Strength and Endurance:

    • This Swisher ESP Safety Shelter has passed rigorous testing at the National Wind Institute at Texas Tech University.
    • It withstood a total of nine impacts from 15-pound 2x4s traveling at 100 mph, equivalent to the force of an EF5 tornado with 250-mph winds.

    FEMA and NSSA Verified:

    • The ESP Safety Shelter model complies with FEMA 320, FEMA 361, and ICC-500-2014 Code requirements when installed as per the manufacturer’s guidelines and inspected by a qualified professional.
    • Designed by Registered Structural Engineers and subjected to a rigorous third-party review process.
    • FEMA P-320 emphasizes the importance of safe rooms in providing "near-absolute protection" for you, your family, or employees from injury or death caused by extreme winds.
    • Near Absolute Protection, as defined by FEMA P-361, offers occupants a very high probability of staying safe during tornadoes and hurricanes.

    Easy DIY Installation:

    • Designed as a DIY project, making it accessible for homeowners.
    • After installation, a qualified inspector must inspect the shelter to ensure its proper setup.
    • Visit www.nssa.cc to find pre-approved installation companies or locate a local engineer or architect for assistance.

    Limited Lifetime Warranty:

    • Comes with a 5-year limited warranty, providing peace of mind.
    • The NSSA type 4 seal offers warranty coverage after the installation and final inspection checklists are submitted to the manufacturer.
    • Upon successful submission of checklists and compliance with installation procedures, customers will receive the NSSA type 4 seal and a Certificate of Installation.

    Secure your safety with ESP Safety Shelters – Order now and enjoy the ultimate protection for years to come!

    Product Specifications

    • Internal  80”L x 80“W x 76”H
       External  87“L x 87”W x 78“H
       Up to 14 Person Capacity
    • Provides near absolute protection from EF5 tornado strikes.
    • Provides a high level of protection for you and your family against intruders.
    • Acts as vault that provides protection for your valuables and other personal belongings. (Not fire rated due to the design requirements to withstand severe storms.)
    • The entire shelter is made from 3/16” (0.188”) thick carbon steel, all hardware is Grade 5, and the majority of all surfaces are powder coated for ultimate protection and appearance.
    • The door design and the materials used are critical aspects of any storm shelter.  The Swisher ESP Safety Shelter has a unique sliding reinforced steel door that eliminates problems commonly associated with inward and outward swinging doors.
    • When opened, the sliding door takes up no additional space inside or outside the shelter. Also, because the door does not open outward, the likelihood of being trapped by debris after an event is greatly reduced or eliminated.
    • A Security Grade Deadbolt holds the latch bar into the locked position and keeps the door from being opened from the outside.
    • Three steel pins securely lock the door closed within a 3” deep steel jamb pocket.  The ESP Safety Shelter’s design does not rely solely on deadbolts as the primary locking mechanism.
    • The door on the Swisher ESP Safety Shelter has a 4th locking pin that can only be installed and removed from the inside. Even if the security deadbolt is damaged from the outside, with this pin properly installed, the door will never open (unless the inhabitants remove this pin).
    • A single handle operation locks all three pins into place in a single motion.  There is never any need to waste precious time trying to lock three or four deadbolts to secure your door.
    • The ESP Safety Shelter does not rely solely on hinges to support and secure the door to the hinge jamb. When our door is in the closed position, the entire hinge side (top to bottom) is locked into the adjacent front wall. No screws to pull out or pins that may break.
    • Shielded air vents allow uninterrupted air flow.
    • Quick release sliding door design allows opening when blocked by debris and reduces space required for operation.
    • Quick manipulating locking mechanism works in conjunction with a security grade latch/key lock.
    • Emergency panels for rapid shelter exit with an emergency wrench included.
    • Bolt together modular design for ease of construction and relocation.
    • Benches, shelving, and built-in gun racks are also available.
    • 5 year limited warranty

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