• DK2 Air Compressor 150PSI 2HP: 20 Gallon Ultra Silent

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    Key Features

    • Incredibly Quiet: A mere 54dB sound level, verified through outdoor testing.
    • High-Performance Motor: Equipped with a twin-cylinder 2HP (1,491.4W) 120V brushless electric motor.
    • Generous Capacity: Boasts a 20-gallon (75.7L) ASME certified tank, able to hold air at 150 PSI (10.3 Bar).
    • Easy-to-Use Controls: 2 quick-connect hose ports, dual clear analog pressure gauges, and an intuitive pressure switch.
    • Built for Mobility: Features an ergonomic handle and 8-inch diameter never-flat wheels for effortless transportation.
    • Safety Ensured: Thermal overload protection and a 1-year limited DK2 warranty.

    Product Description

    The DK2 Twin Cylinder 2HP 20-Gallon Oil-Free Silent Air Compressor redefines the standards for power and silence in compressors. This workhorse offers a colossal 20-gallon tank without sacrificing quiet operation, making it perfect for extensive and demanding tasks.

    Quiet by Design
    Engineered to operate at an ultra-quiet 54dB (outdoor-tested), this unit ensures that you can work in peace and still maintain robust performance.

    Impressive Capacity
    The whopping 20-gallon (75.7L) ASME certified tank stores air at a high 150 PSI (10.3 Bar) maximum pressure, making it versatile for both domestic and industrial use.

    Ease and Efficiency
    Featuring 2 quick-connect hose ports and 2 clear analog pressure gauges, this compressor allows you to manage multiple tasks simultaneously. The integrated pressure switch and regulator dial offer fine-tuned control over the air pressure.

    Portability Unmatched
    Designed for easy mobility, the ergonomic handle and 8-inch diameter never-flat wheels allow you to move the unit with ease around your workspace or between job sites.

    Low Maintenance
    The oil-free mechanism eliminates the need for lubrication, providing a hassle-free experience. Additionally, the release valve and drain petcock make it straightforward to release air pressure or moisture after each use.

    Safety Guaranteed
    With thermal overload protection, the system will automatically shut down if the electric motor overheats or if an incorrect power cord is used.

    Certified and Warranted
    The compressor comes CSA Listed, ensuring quality and safety standards are met. Also included is a 1-year limited DK2 warranty for your peace of mind.

    Additional Information
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    With unmatched capacity and whisper-quiet operation, the DK2 Twin Cylinder 2HP 20-Gallon Oil-Free Silent Air Compressor is your ultimate choice for heavy-duty air compressing tasks. Don't compromise—get yours today!

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