• Briggs and Stratton P4500 PowerSmart Series Inverter Generator

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    Briggs & Stratton's P4500 PowerSmart Series™ Inverter Generator: The Ultimate Companion for RV Enthusiasts

    Recreational Vehicles (RVs) have become synonymous with the spirit of adventure. They embody the freedom to explore the great outdoors without compromising on the comforts of home. But what powers these mobile homes, ensuring uninterrupted conveniences even in the remotest of locations? Enter the P4500 PowerSmart Series™ Inverter Generator by Briggs & Stratton.

    Push Button Electric Start: Convenience at Your Fingertips

    The P4500 boasts a push-button electric start, eliminating the cumbersome pull-start method found in traditional generators. Moreover, with an option for remote start, it takes convenience to a whole new level. Whether you're cozying up inside your RV during a rainstorm or setting up camp under the stars, starting your generator has never been easier.

    Quiet Power Technology: Peace Amidst Nature

    One of the biggest grievances campers have with traditional generators is their noise. The P4500, however, is designed with Briggs & Stratton's Quiet Power Technology. This innovation ensures that the generator automatically adjusts its engine speed, resulting in reduced noise, fuel consumption, and emissions. So, as you bask in nature's tranquility, your generator works silently in the background, preserving the serenity.

    CO Guard®: Safety First

    Your safety is paramount. Recognizing this, the P4500 comes equipped with the CO Guard® Carbon Monoxide Shutdown feature. This patent-pending technology is designed to automatically shut down the generator if dangerous levels of carbon monoxide are detected in its operating vicinity. It's an added layer of protection, ensuring peace of mind during your outdoor adventures.

    Multi-Featured Control Panel: Powering a Multitude of Devices

    In today's digital age, staying connected is vital. The P4500's multi-featured control panel allows you to power a broad spectrum of electronics and devices simultaneously. Whether you're charging your phone, laptop, or using a coffee maker, this generator ensures you're never short on power.

    Protect Your Sensitive Electronics

    Traditional generators can sometimes produce power surges that may harm sensitive electronics. But with the P4500's inverter technology, it guarantees smoother power delivery. This makes it safe for gadgets like laptops, smartphones, and gaming systems, ensuring they're not only powered but also protected.

    In Conclusion

    For the modern traveler who seeks the perfect blend of adventure and convenience, the P4500 PowerSmart Series™ Inverter Generator is an indispensable ally. It epitomizes reliability, safety, and efficiency. So the next time you set out in your RV, ensure you have the P4500 by your side. After all, true freedom is having power wherever you go.

    Product Specifications

    Specification Detail
    Model Number 030836
    Engine Brand B&S OHV
    Running Watts* 3700
    Starting Watts* 4500
    Volts 120
    Engine Displacement (cc) 224
    CO Guard Yes
    Bluetooth No
    Fuel Tank Capacity (gal) 3.5
    Run Time 16 hrs @ 25% load
    Alternator Permanent Magnet
    Start Type Electric
    Low Oil Shutdown Yes
    Muffler Super Lo-Tone
    Fuel Gauge Yes
    Hour Meter Yes
    Automatic Voltage Regulation true
    Spark Arrestor Yes
    Width (in) 17.6
    Weight (lbs) 104
    Height (in) 20.3
    Length (in) 24.5
    Consumer Warranty (Product)* 3-Year Limited
    Commercial Warranty (Product)* 1-Year Limited

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