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    Iron and Oak Gas Log Splitter: 24-Ton - Honda GX160

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    Do you need a log splitter that is both powerful and versatile? The Iron & Oak 24-Ton Log Splitter is your answer. Built to perform and last, this commercial-grade model is perfect for rental properties and homeowners alike. With the ability to split logs both vertically and horizontally, and packed with user-friendly features like a log cradle and log dislodger, this machine makes log splitting more efficient than ever.

    Key Features:

    • Dual Splitting Capabilities: Choose between vertical and horizontal splitting modes to handle logs of various shapes and sizes.

    • 24 Tons of Pressure: This log splitter can plow through most logs effortlessly, providing you with consistent, reliable performance.

    • Auto Latch System: Ensures the beam locks into a horizontal position for secure towing, enhancing the unit's safety features.

    • Enhanced Handle: Transition between vertical and horizontal operating positions is a breeze, thanks to the well-designed handle.

    • Advanced 4-Stage Hydraulic Filtration: A comprehensive system that includes a suction strainer, return line filter, breather cap air filter, and magnetic drain plug. This protects your hydraulic system from damaging particles.

    • Offset Valve: Designed to offer a more comfortable operator position, making your splitting tasks even easier.

    • Heavy-Duty Wedge Design: With five bolts per side, this wedge is built for durability and long-lasting use.

    • Halite Commercial Cylinder Seals: Commercial-grade seals ensure a long-lasting and leak-free hydraulic system.

    • Log Dislodger and Cradle: These standard features make log handling more efficient, reducing the time and effort needed for splitting.

    • Larger Jack Wheel and Tow Cables: Moving this log splitter is straightforward, thanks to the larger jack wheel and included tow cables.

    Why Choose the Iron & Oak 24-Ton Log Splitter?

    Whether you're a homeowner with a fireplace or a property manager who needs to maintain multiple units, the Iron & Oak 24-Ton Log Splitter is built to meet your needs. Its ability to split logs in both horizontal and vertical positions, combined with its powerful 24-ton capacity and numerous user-friendly features, makes it a versatile and reliable choice for anyone looking to split wood efficiently.

    Transform your log-splitting experience. Order the Iron & Oak 24-Ton Log Splitter today!


    Product Specifications

    Equipment Type Log Splitter
    Cycle Time 13 Seconds
    Cylinder Size 4 in. x 24 in. Clevis Type, 1.75-in. Rod
    Displacement 163cc
    Dry Weight 675 Lbs
    Engine Gx160
    Engine Brand Honda
    Hitch 2 In.
    Hydraulic Capacity 10.0 Gal. System Total (tank 9 Gal. System Total)
    Log Length 25 in. Max
    Operation Horizontal And Vertical
    Pump Type 11 Gpm Hi-lo 2 Stage
    SKU BHVH2418GX
    Splitting Force (Tons) 24 Tons
    Splitting Height 32 In.
    Tires 4.8 In. X 8.0 In. Highway Rated
    Wedge Heavy-duty, 5 Bolts Per Side

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