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    Landworks Portable Gas-Powered Log Splitter: 7HP 212CC, 20-Ton Hydraulic System, 16" Max Wood Diameter

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    Introducing our Landworks Heavy-Duty Gas-Powered Log Splitter, the ultimate tool for effortless log splitting. Here's why you'll love it:

    Powerful Performance:

    • Equipped with a heavy-duty 7HP gas engine and a 20-ton rating, this log splitter handles even the toughest logs with ease.
    • The trusted 2-stage hydraulic pump from Bucher ensures reliable and consistent splitting power.
    • It effortlessly splits logs up to 20" in length and 16" in diameter.

    Efficiency and Convenience:

    • Enjoy a rapid auto-return system, allowing you to split logs quickly and efficiently.
    • With a quick 7.5-second cycle time, you can split logs faster, saving you valuable time and effort.

    Portable and Maneuverable Design:

    • Our log splitter features a lightweight horizontal full beam and a steel wedge for durability and longevity.
    • It comes with sturdy 10" transport wheels, making it easy to move around your worksite with minimal effort.

    Versatile and Reliable Gas-Powered Operation:

    • This log splitter operates using a gas engine, providing greater versatility and eliminating the need for electrical power.
    • Experience smooth and consistent splitting force without any clunkiness, thanks to the reliable gas engine.

    Safety and Usage Recommendations:

    • For safety, always wear eye and hand protection when operating the log splitter.
    • Ensure proper ventilation when using the log splitter outdoors.
    • Follow the recommended operation guidelines for controls and shut off/on switch usage.
    • Please note that hydraulic fluid is not included, and we recommend using AW32 hydraulic fluid.

    Make log splitting a breeze with our Landworks Heavy-Duty Gas-Powered Log Splitter. Experience the power, efficiency, and convenience of this versatile tool for all your log splitting needs.

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