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    July 30, 2023 4 min read

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    Who Makes Oregon Log Splitters: Oregon Tool, Inc

    When it comes to precision cutting-tools and log splitters, one name stands above the rest: Oregon Tool, Inc. With a legacy dating back to 1947, Oregon has consistently been at the forefront of innovation in the cutting-tools industry. From its humble beginnings as Oregon Saw Chain Corp., the company has evolved into a global manufacturing powerhouse, renowned for its log splitters and a wide range of precision cutting-tools. But who makes Oregon Log Splitters? Let's delve into the company's remarkable journey and find out.

    A Rich Legacy of Precision Cutting-Tools

    Since its inception in 1947, Oregon has been a trailblazer in the world of precision cutting-tools. Founded in Portland, Oregon, by the visionary Joe Cox, the company started as Oregon Saw Chain Corp. Cox's observation of how efficiently timber beetle larvae chewed through wood fiber inspired him to develop the modern saw chain design, setting the stage for Oregon's journey to becoming a leader in the industry.

    Global Expansion and Manufacturing Prowess

    Oregon's commitment to quality and innovation quickly garnered attention, leading to the establishment of a manufacturing plant in Guelph, Canada, in 1952. This expansion marked the beginning of Oregon's global reach. By 1957, the company had transformed into Omark Industries, reflecting its growing presence and influence in the cutting-tools market.

    The demand for Oregon's products continued to soar, prompting the establishment of another manufacturing plant in its hometown, Portland, Oregon, in 1965. But Oregon's vision extended far beyond its home continent; in 1979, the company expanded its manufacturing to Brazil, making its mark in the South American market.

    From OMK to Blount International

    In 1980, Omark Industries made its debut on the American Stock Exchange as OMK, solidifying its status as a key player in the cutting-tools sector. The following year, OMK constructed a new corporate office in Portland, Oregon, to accommodate its growing operations and set the stage for even greater achievements.

    A Transformational Acquisition

    1985 was a pivotal year for Oregon as it became part of Blount International, Inc., through acquisition. Blount, Inc. recognized Oregon's excellence and expertise in precision cutting-tools and saw the potential for growth and synergy.

    Diversifying Offerings - Founding ICS Business

    Oregon's dedication to innovation and adapting to market demands led to the founding of the ICS (Industrial Cutting Systems) business in 1991. This specialized division focused on developing chainsaw applications tailored to the construction industry, catering to a niche market with specific needs.

    Strategic Acquisitions Strengthening the Brand

    As part of Blount International, Oregon continued to grow through strategic acquisitions, expanding its product portfolio and expertise:

    • In 1997, Blount acquired Frederick Manufacturing Corp., adding to its capabilities and reach.

    • In 2000, Blount's acquisition of Windsor further enhanced the company's position in the market.

    • Blount's entry into the Asian market happened in 2005 when a manufacturing plant was established in Fuzhou, China.

    • In 2008, the acquisition of Carlton Company brought valuable assets and knowledge to the Oregon family.

    • In 2010, Blount expanded its offerings by acquiring SpeeCo, another strategic move to strengthen its position.

    • The growth didn't stop there; in 2011, Blount acquired KOX and Woods Equipment Company, further expanding its reach and diversifying its product lines.

    Oregon Tool, Inc. - Unifying the Brand

    In 2021, Blount International, Inc. rebranded as Oregon Tool, Inc., a name that honors the company's legacy and unifies all its brands under one umbrella. The rebranding was a testament to the company's commitment to excellence and provided a clear and cohesive identity moving forward.

    The Trusted Choice for Log Splitters

    Throughout its remarkable journey, Oregon has maintained its commitment to excellence, and this dedication is evident in its log splitters. Oregon Log Splitters have become the trusted choice for log splitting enthusiasts and professionals alike, known for their power, performance, and durability.

    Key Features of Oregon Log Splitters

    • Powerhouse Performance: Equipped with robust engines and immense splitting force, Oregon Log Splitters effortlessly conquer even the toughest logs.

    • Durable Construction: Oregon's log splitters feature heavy-duty H-beam designs and robotically welded components, ensuring longevity and trouble-free operation.

    • Versatility in Operation: With horizontal and vertical operation modes, Oregon Log Splitters cater to a variety of log splitting needs.

    • Efficiency Enhancers: Features like log catchers and optimized welded wedges make log splitting tasks smoother and more efficient.

    The Oregon Advantage - A Legacy You Can Trust

    While some companies may claim excellence, Oregon's rich legacy and journey of cutting-tools excellence speak for themselves. The company's commitment to precision, durability, and performance is deeply rooted in its history and continues to drive its innovations.  Our full list of Oregon Log Splitter Reviews can be found here.

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    Oregon Log Splitters stand as a testament to the company's legacy, offering log splitting enthusiasts and professionals the ultimate tools for their cutting needs. From its humble beginnings as Oregon Saw Chain Corp. to its rebranding as Oregon Tool, Inc., the company's journey is one of success, growth, and innovation. If you're in the market for a high-quality log splitter that delivers power, performance, and durability, Oregon Log Splitters are the clear choice, backed by a legacy you can trust.