• Oregon 35 Ton Log Splitter Review (Oregon 3500 series) - A Powerhouse for Effortless Log Splitting

    July 30, 2023 4 min read

    Oregon 35 Ton Log Splitter Review (Oregon 3500 series) - A Powerhouse for Effortless Log Splitting - Prime Yard Tools

    As a long-time user of log splitters, I thought I had seen the zenith of efficiency and power. That is until I came across the Oregon 35 Ton Log Splitter from the 3500 Series. A remarkable blend of top-notch engineering, this product has changed my wood splitting game forever. In this extensive review, we'll deep-dive into what makes this log splitter a worthy addition to your arsenal.

    First Impressions and Overall Assessment

    At first glance, the Oregon 35 Ton Log Splitter impressed with its rugged build and sturdy appearance, promising solid performance. And I wasn't disappointed. This robust machine effortlessly handles even the most challenging hardwoods, consistently delivering power and reliability that surpasses its peers.

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    Performance and Power

    Beneath its sturdy exterior, the log splitter houses an equally impressive powerhouse - the Briggs & Stratton XR1450 360cc engine. With an immense splitting force of 35 tons, this beast fearlessly tames the most stubborn, thick, and heavy logs. But don't let the power intimidate you; the 12.7-second cycle time ensures efficient log splitting without keeping you waiting. The engine roars to life at every pull, providing a reliable, smooth, and quick start.

    Design, Build Quality, and Construction

    Oregon log splitters are renowned for their high-quality construction, and this model is no exception. The heavy-duty H-beam design, paired with robotically welded beams, lends the machine an uncompromising strength to handle high tonnage rates. The log cradles engineered into the machine are robust, facilitating hassle-free log handling and trouble free operation.

    The Honda engine from prior models has been swapped out for a powerful Briggs and Stratton Engine.

    Product Specifications Table:

    Specification Description
    Power Type Gas/Hydraulic
    Engine Brand Briggs & Stratton
    Engine Model XR1450
    Engine Displacement/Size 360 cc
    Maximum Splitting Force - Tonnage 35 ton
    Cycle Time 12.7 seconds
    Horizontal Operation Yes
    Vertical Operation Yes
    Maximum Log Length 25.5"
    Pump 2 Stage 17 GPM
    Hydraulic Fluid Capacity 6.6 gal
    Auto Return Yes
    Cylinder Size/Dimensions 4.5"
    Maximum Towing Speed 45 mph
    Workmanship Warranty 2 Year
    Hydraulic Warranty 2 Year
    Engine Warranty Manufacturer's Warranty



    Versatility and Operation Modes

    One aspect that sets the Oregon 35 Ton Log Splitter apart is its versatile operation. It can split logs horizontally and vertically, catering to a variety of log dimensions. This flexibility is invaluable when dealing with varying log sizes. For instance, splitting logs horizontally facilitates a seamless assembly-line approach for smaller logs. Meanwhile, the vertical operation mode is handy when dealing with thick and heavy logs, which are otherwise cumbersome to lift onto the splitter.

    Handling and User Convenience

    The user experience is significantly enhanced with this model. This model comes with a log catcher included, making horizontal log splitting a breeze, reducing manual labor and saving time. Additionally, the splitter’s pull start engine ensures a seamless operation, eliminating the stress associated with starting such powerful machinery.

    Wedge Design and Efficiency

    Efficiency in log splitting is often determined by the wedge design, and the Oregon 35 Ton Log Splitter scores highly in this regard. The optimized welded wedge, with its optimal knife edge and separator, makes quick work of even the knottiest logs. The tall 8" wedge design significantly contributes to easy horizontal splitting, while its robust build ensures longevity. 

    Pros and Cons

    Like all products, the Oregon 35 Ton Log Splitter has its strengths and areas of potential improvement. Here are some of the key pros and cons to consider:


    • Powerful Briggs & Stratton XR1450 360cc engine

    • Robust, high-strength heavy-duty H-beam design

    • Versatile operation for horizontal and vertical splitting

    • Includes a well-engineered log catcher for easy handling

    • Impressive 35 ton splitting force for tough hardwoods

    • Quick 12.7-second cycle time


    • Hydraulic fluids need to be purchased separately

    • Towing speed is capped at 45 mph

    • Pull start engine may be difficult for some users

    • Does not come in an electric version

    Warranty and Customer Support

    With a two-year workmanship and hydraulic warranty, the Oregon 35 Ton Log Splitter offers peace of mind for your investment. Furthermore, the engine comes with a separate manufacturer's warranty, reflecting the confidence in its performance and reliability.

    Personal Experience

    As a user, I found the Oregon 35 Ton Log Splitter to be a remarkably efficient tool. Whether dealing with logs for personal use or for business, this machine significantly cut down my working hours. It powered through thick and heavy logs as easily as it did smaller logs, thanks to the horizontal and vertical splitting options.

    The log cradles engineered into the system were sturdy and handled the logs effectively, while the log catcher proved invaluable, reducing the strain of handling split logs. While the lack of included hydraulic fluids and the pull start mechanism were minor inconveniences, they were more than offset by the machine's superior performance.

    Comparison with Other Log Splitters

    In comparison to other log splitters I've used, the Oregon 35 Ton stands out for all the power, efficiency, and versatility it offers. While other log splitters struggle with thick and heavy logs, this model handles them effortlessly. The versatile operation modes, coupled with the well-engineered log cradles and log catcher, enhance user convenience, setting this model apart from its competitors.

    To see how this model compares to other Oregon models, see our combinedOregon Log Splitter Review.

    Final Verdict

    In conclusion, the Oregon 35 Ton Log Splitter is a powerhouse that delivers on its promises. Its superior power, robust construction, and efficient operation make it a solid choice for anyone looking for an effective solution to split logs. Its minor drawbacks do little to diminish its overall value. If you're looking for a log splitter that will redefine your wood splitting experience, I wholeheartedly recommend the Oregon 35 Ton Log Splitter.utweigh these minor drawbacks. I strongly recommend the Oregon 35 Ton Log Splitter for anyone looking to elevate their wood splitting experience.